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  1. Do you work too much and loose the connection to yourself?
  2. And do you sometimes have the feeling that your life is actually great and still something is missing?
  3. Do you sometimes feel empty and drained inside?

If you have answered one of the questions with YES, then you feel the same way as we did. We are Jess and Stefan. We come from the modern corporate world and we are still connected to it. But we stopped at a certain point, paused and then made some really good decisions for ourselves. Today we're helping people to take a break, go for a pit stop, pause, and answer some of life's most important questions - to enrich your life or to level up your business.

You don't always have to be one step ahead of the others.

It is enough to go one step further at the right moment.

Stefan Spiecker (Southern Alps, New Zealand - 2004)

Wilderness Tours and Life Coaching experiences to own back your life and guide your business

A great life is not about higher, faster or bigger. It's about available time and the quality of this time. Living and working happy can be learned and living a fulfilling life is achievable. Modern happiness research repeatedly confirms three factors that play a decisive role.

  1. The quality of the connection to nature and how often you feel it
  2. The quality of the connection to yourself
  3. The quality of the connection to his fellow human beings and his environment

In connection with these three core factors, exciting questions arise, the clarification of which will bring movement into your life. Examples:How do I deal with time? What am I spending my time on in life?

  • How do I take care of myself and my health?
  • Do I feel mostly vital and alive or tired and drained again?
  • Do I feel content with my job and the core values of my company?
  • Do I have unresolved conflicts in my social environment (family, friends or colleagues)?
  • Do I have people I can call any time of the day or night?
  • Do I follow goals in life and are they the right goals? Is there a bigger task for me?

These are just a few sample questions. With a LIFE COACHING SAFARI you combine important issues in your life with an exciting journey. At a LIFE COACHING WORKSHOP you clarify important issues in your life in a fixed place with a special magic. It doesn't matter whether it's professional or private. And in most cases, you can even make a safari or workshop tax-deductible. Use your intuition and mind to find your authentic side and your vision of an exciting, beautiful life! Because happiness and well-being are possible. For each.

Don't go faster.

Go further and explore the world beyond your horizon.

Focus on your inner energy
Focus on your inner energy

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