Okavango Big 5 for Leadership

Unfold your senses and lead yourself in one of the largest wildlife areas in the world

Imagine you are with a small group in one of the most species-rich wild animal areas in the world and you have this area completely to yourself! 

  • Every morning you go out for a Game Drive into the unique wildlife of the Okavango Delta.
  • During the day you enjoy the amenities of the camp and have the opportunity to book your personal coaching sessions.
  • In the late afternoon we go out into the wilderness again with a sundowner.
  • The magical evenings start with a wonderful dinner and culminate around the campfire

The Safari & Big 5 for Leadership Programm

Day 1: Arrive. Become present. 

When the body travels by plane, the soul usually takes a little longer. The first day is therefore entirely yours and the arrival at the Safari Camp. A first sunset excursion could round off the day perfectly.

Day 2: Talents, strengths and resources. What distinguishes me?

What are my skills and my true strengths? What can I do playfully and with ease? When am I really in my element? What did I enjoy doing as a child? This day of talents and strengths provides answers and awaits you with further positive surprises. Encounters with wild animals in the morning or in the late afternoon bring you closer to yourself and thus to your true nature.

Day 3: Values ​​and Mission Statement: What do I stand for?

On the third day we go deeper and maybe already to the place where your mind meets your heart. Because only spirit and soul together can answer the big questions of your life: What do I really stand for? Even today, the resonance in the wilderness helps you to listen deeper into yourself. Tonight you feel that you are already in good contact with your inner voice. Your inner voice will tell you how you want to appear in the world, what really makes you alive, unique and happy.

Day 4: My personal Big Five

Today you are approaching your goal on the journey to your inner compass. If you look at your life from the end today, what would you like to have experienced? What was your experience then? Today you dream your perfect life! Today is the time for your Big Five!

Day 5: Find the Everest goal for your life or your business

Anyone who has found their why suddenly has a lot more confidence. And there's plenty to do out there that's worth living for. Today you set yourself a goal in life that is so attractive to you that just striving for it is a fulfillment for you. From now on, the journey is part of the destination.

Every retreat day is accompanied by Stefan professionally, pragmatically and sensitively. We work with scientifically evaluated methods such as the Zurich Resource Model, the PERMA model from positive psychology or the solution-oriented coaching approach according to Steve de Shazer. As a wilderness trainer, Stefan likes to combine this knowledge with the traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples from North America, Australia and Asia. This combination of wild nature, silence, comfort, science and natural wisdom makes our retreat so valuable and unique for you.

About us 

We, Jessica and Stefan, got to know and love the wonderful Okavango Delta during our safari guide training. Today, Jessica is working in the Safari and Lodge Business as a manager in a luxury lodge in the Moremi Game Reserve. Stefan lives in Germany and is well know as a professional life coach and mountain guide. Our mission is to support people who want to experience something very special and unique in their lives, or who perhaps want to start something completely new again. Are you ready for the greatest adventure in your life?

One of our local partners: The African Guide Academy

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